Current research has shown that there are many mechanisms of action involved with the therapeutics of acupuncture. The needles vary in size and texture and can be used for different purposes based on the location of insertion and technique used after insertion. One of the key things happening when we use acupuncture to reduce pain is the release of endogenous endorphins (self-generated pain killers) which helps reduce the body’s perception of pain. I am primarily using acupuncture as a tool to que your body to drastically reduce inflammation by increasing its ability to cool the inflammatory fire take wreaks havoc on all your bodies’ systems. In degenerative conditions, the body’s own tissue is breaking down at a rate that is much faster than usual. I have found a way to slow this cycle and reduce many of the debilitating symptoms you’re experiencing.
There are many reasons to get acupuncture. When talking about peri surgical acupuncture, presurgical acupuncture can calm the nervous system which has been proven to improve results of post surgical recovery. Post-surgically, we can promote blood flow and aid tissue repair.
Clinically, I have seen patients with certain injuries repair in a fraction of the time as opposed to when acupuncture is not utilized. The research is unclear how much more quickly acupuncture will allow you to recover and likely varies from case to case, however it is clear that acupuncture can greatly improve quality of recovery and drastically reduce pain and the need for opioid analgesics.
I specialize in degenerative conditions because I found a system that works at helping the body slow degeneration and reduce inflammation. With acupuncture combined with lifestyle and dietary modifications, patients with a wide variety of conditions from arthritis to sciatica to macular degeneration to multiple sclerosis and more find relief. It is my goal to get patients to an optimal state over a period of 3 months to 1 year for their condition. I work closely with them and relay where I think they can be in the next year when treatment is followed through with.
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