Custom Herbal Formulas

Herbal Formulas: Your Personalized Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine

Herbal formulas are the pharmacy of Chinese Medicine, typically containing two to twenty herbs tailored specifically to your needs. They provide a continuous therapeutic effect between acupuncture sessions, offering convenience and consistency. Most formulas are in powder form, easily dissolved in hot water and consumed like tea.

What are the benefits of Chinese herbs over acupuncture?

Chinese herbal formulas complement acupuncture by addressing underlying imbalances internally. They offer personalized treatment, targeting specific symptoms and conditions. Herbal formulas provide convenience and consistency in treatment, allowing for continuous healing between acupuncture sessions.

Is it safe?

When prescribed by a qualified practitioner, Chinese herbal formulas are generally safe and well-tolerated. Herbs are selected and combined based on their properties and interactions, minimizing the risk of adverse effects. Disclose medical history and medications to your practitioner for safe and effective treatment.

How is the formula taken?

Herbal formulas are typically prescribed in powder form, dissolved in hot water and consumed as tea. Follow your practitioner’s instructions on dosage and frequency. Consistent use is essential for optimal results.

What should I expect after taking it?

After taking the herbal formula, you may notice improvements in symptoms and overall well-being over time. Effects vary, with some experiencing immediate relief and others gradual improvement. Patience and consistency are key for maximum benefits. Consult your practitioner for any concerns or questions regarding your herbal treatment.

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