How allergic rhinitis is treated

Allergic Rhinitis: How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Can Help

Allergic Rhinitis is an extremely common condition experienced all over the world. Many people seek out Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to treat it, possibly because it’s quite effective at helping the body reduce the inflammatory response associated with the bothersome symptoms that allergic rhinitis brings. 

The research explained

Acupuncture and allergic rhinitis

In two different studies of acupuncture treatment for allergic rhinitis, acupuncture proved to be highly effective in relieving symptoms and delaying their return after treatment was finished. One study included the use of traditional acupuncture points on the legs (St36), hands (LI4), shoulders (GB20), and face (YinTang, LI20). The second study included only one acupuncture point on each side of the face intended to stimulate a specific nerve bundle in charge of the body’s reaction to external stimulus. Both of these methods proved to increase the effectiveness of treatment with pharmaceuticals as well as work to significantly reduce allergic response as a stand-alone therapy.

Chinese herbal medicine and allergic rhinitis

In another study of an herbal-based treatment with pharmaceuticals, positive benefits were shown in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. A formula called Yu Ping Feng San was used, taken in powder form. This is a popular formula that has been found to increase the body’s ability to build immune factors and at the same time lessen over-reactive inflammatory response to better deal with the allergens.

What to expect

These cases are used to give you an idea of what you might encounter when seeing a doctor of Chinese medicine. He/she is likely to use acupuncture, herbal formulas, or both in the treatment of your symptoms. It’s likely that they won’t use the exact treatment stated above. Due to the nature of Chinese medicine diagnosis, the practitioner will take your individual constitution into consideration and therefore your treatment will likely be slightly different than someone else’s.


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