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Tyler Callison, L.Ac. DACM.

Tyler received his education at Pacific College of Health and Science where he completed his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Post-doctorally he is undergoing a specialty certification in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and hopes to use his knowledge to treat a wide variety of ailments, both external and internal. He has a particular passion for the treatment of traumatic injury and peri-operative care. This is a budding sub field and it is rare to find a practitioner that specializes in the before and after care of surgery. In corroboration with research studies, Dr. Callison has found that receiving acupuncture before and after surgery greatly reduces the chances of patients experiencing chronic pain in recovery. He is also able to help restore functionality to the body after surgery.
From a young age, Tyler has been an avid surfer. This has helped him develop a keen understanding of how the body adapts to movement and injury. He knows how important it is to quickly recover and return to the activities you love. Tyler has family roots in medicine, coming from two parents who practice acupuncture and he has always been a healer at heart.
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